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Royal Sovereign Manual Coin Sorter
Eco-Friendly- No electricty or batteries required for coin sorting
Large Capacity: Coin Counter can hold up to 200 coins for consumer counting convenience
Compact & Portable: Lightweight design for easy mobility
Cassida C200 Coin Sorter, Counter, and Roller
C200 dispenses coins into coin bins and/or paper coin wrappers, right out of the box
Hopper capacity: 2000 coinsCoin bin capacity: 900 coins
Countable coins: All U.S. (1¢, 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, $1)
Digital Energy Automatic Coin Sorter and Counter
Update: As of 5/1/2018, All product issues regarding this product have been resolved.
Comes with set of coin wrappers top get you started; one each for quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies.
Great for all ages!

Best coin sorters

Almost all companies have to deal with money, and when it comes to coins, we all have to admit that it is a dirty job. While that is meant literally, for the most part, coin sorting and counting is not one of the most likable tasks. In fact, dealing with a significant number of coins is tedious and time-consuming, which is why most people go for a coin sorter and counter.

What is a coin sorter?

A coin sorter is a device that businesses use to sort coins. The device is a pretty simple one, but it can spare everybody from sorting and counting coins. Since not all coins are of the same size, the coin sorter will use that factor and arrange the coins in a more orderly fashion. While there are coin sorters which stick to this purpose, most coin sorters also have the function of counting the coins it sorts, which will make your job even more comfortable.

The benefits of a coin sorter

Coin sorters are generally cheap, but if you are looking for reasons why you need one, you should stick around. There are plenty of advantages that you can enjoy, and they are as follows:

  • Your time is valuable! Save it! – Sorting coins is time-consuming. Picking every coin and put it in its designated pile can take a few hours if you handle large amounts. A coin sorter will do that in just a few seconds or minutes, depending on how many you have. It will save you a lot of time, and you can use it for more important
  • You will enjoy greater accuracy – sorting coins by hand is not the most precise job. While the task may seem fit for a 5-year-old who knows how to recognize different sizes in circles, the fact that you have a large pile to sort may bore you and make you lose attention. Moreover, a coin sorter that has a counting function as well will prove to be far more accurate as far as the total amount of money is. The machine almost never makes mistakes, but you do. And you know what that means, right? You have to start all over again.
  • Your hands will remain clean – you know how they say that money is the dirtiest object? That is as true as it gets. Since coins are passed down from one person to the other, they are among the dirtiest items in the world. There have been studies on this matter, and they found Salmonella and multiple strains of Streptococcus on coins. And the coins were gathered randomly. Who knows what hands they have been in? Do not take your chances and get yourself a coin sorter. Your hygiene will thank you.
  • It can cut your losses – since this is money we are talking about, and human error is a natural phenomenon you can save some money in the long run if you invest in a coin sorter and counter. You know what they say. A little bit here, a little bit there, and you wake up with some unidentified losses in your books. Of course, a few coins cannot possibly do some damage, but when you work in finances, for example, you work with a massive amount of coins, and the difference there is not negligible.
  • You have a lot of options – when it comes to this category of products, you have a lot of options. What is even more important is that they come cheap. You can find a decent coin sorter with counting capabilities for about $30. Given the benefits you read about, the investment is minimal

How to choose the best coin sorter

Now that you want one, you need to find the best coin sorter you can get. To do that, you need to consider a few factors before you make the purchase. That is if you want to end up with the right coin sorter. That being said, here is what you need to consider in order to get the best coin sorter.

  • Hopper size – the hopper is the container where you put your pile of coins before the machine sorts them. The principle is simple. The more coins you can fit into the hopper, the faster the whole process goes. Some models can accommodate up to 200 coins at once, but commercial-grade coin sorters have greater capabilities than that. At the end of the day, you know which size is the best for you, so make your choice wisely.
  • Counting speed – along with the hopper size, the counting speed will determine how much time it will take for you to get the job done. That is if you go for a coin sorter with counting capabilities. The speed is measured in coins per minute, which is obvious, and you will find coin sorters that have speeds that vary from 100 to 300 coins per minute. Even so, 300 coins per minute is not nothing, and it will definitely lower the time you give to this kind of task.
  • Value counting – if you go for a coin sorter that also has a counting function, you should choose one that features value counting. That means the device, when it finishes counting, will show you the total value of the coins it just counted. Some models come with a digital display that will provide that information. While not crucial, I find it to be a very helpful It will spare you the task of adding the value to get a total.
  • Anti-jam features – machines sometimes are faulty, and while that does not often happen, when it does, you need a quick fix. That is why my advice is to go for a coin sorter that has an anti-jam feature. If you can afford a self-fix coin sorter, that is even better. However, the most important thing is to go for a device that can make it easy for you to fi the issue. Otherwise, it beats the whole purpose of a coin sorter.
  • Easy wrapping – most people wrap the coins after they sort them, which is why you need a machine that can help you with that. While coins sorters cannot wrap the coins for you, there are models that will make that easier for you to do it. For example, some models are equipped with coin tubes. It means that the coins will already be prepared for wrapping.

What are the best coin sorters?

There are many models on the market, which is why the task of choosing just one may seem confusing. However, if you follow the indications above, you should do it right and fast. At the same time, it would not hurt for you to read some coin sorters reviews online to see what other people think of some of the products that you like. That should make your choice easier. In the meantime, take a look at the models above. Maybe you will see something that you appreciate.

Royal Sovereign Manual Coin Sorter

Royal Sovereign is one of the largest manufacturers or coin sorters and counters on the market. If you do a simple search, you will see that most products that will come up are manufactured by this company. However, it is easy to see why people like their products so much. They are made with high-quality in mind, and the prices are affordable. This particular model is precisely that. It is an excellent coin sorter that will make your job easier. The hopper can accommodate as many as 200 coins, which will shorten the time you need to sort the coins.

This particular model is an eco-friendly device that requires no electricity and no batteries for coin sorting. As the title suggests, it is a manual coin sorter, but do not think you that you will put too much effort into it. The manual hand crank is simple to use. The product features coin tubes that are removable so that you will have an easy time wrapping them.

The Royal Sovereign coin sorter has a compact and portable design. It is lightweight and does not occupy much space. You can take it with you wherever you need it. The straight to coin wrapper features will help you get the coins rolled and crimped in just a second. I am sure that once you get it, you will appreciate very much.

Cassida C200 Coin Sorter, Counter, and Roller

You could say that the Cassida device is the jackpot of coin sorters, just as the title suggests, this machine sorts, counts and rolls coins all at the same time. It is the ideal device whether you work in a store or in a bank. It is an incredibly potent machine that will make your job a little bit easier. Unlike the previous product, this one requires a power supply, and you need to plug it in.

The Cassida C200 dispenses coins into coin bins and/or paper coin wrappers, right out of the box. It works very fast, and you will be done in just a few minutes, depending on how many coins you need to put in order. The hopper has a capacity or 2000 coins, and the coin bin can hold as many as 900 coins. As you can notice, this device is highly efficient.

The counting speed of the C200 is 300 coins per minute, and it will count all coins from 1 cent to 1 dollar. It can operate in several modes such as counting, adding, and batching. The operations are possible thanks to the digital screen the device has. It will display the number and the value of the coins it counts. I am sure you will find that incredibly handy. It is suitable for commercial purposes so you can buy it for your business.

Digital Energy Automatic Coin Sorter and Counter

Unlike the two previous products, this is more suitable for home use rather than a business. Or, if you do not need a more efficient machine, you can get this one. It is still an excellent product. The only thing that could stop you from acquiring it is the fact that the coins are inserted just one at a time. Other than that, it is useful.

The product from Digital Energy comes with a set of coin wrappers to help you get started. You have one each for quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. You could easily put in in your home and insert all your change there. When the machine is full, just wrap the coins up and take them to the bank. It is as simple as that.

This coin sorter is equipped with a convenient twist-off lid for coin retrieval. It is portable and lightweight. As a power supply, it uses 2 AAA batteries that you are going to have to buy separately. Even so, the batteries last for a long time. The digital LCD display keeps track of your savings. Also, the device features four separate tubes for your coins.

My recommendation

You can choose the product that best satisfies your needs. However, my personal favorite is the Cassida C200 Coin Sorter, Counter, and Roller. It is incredibly efficient, it has a significant hopper capacity, and it can sort and count coins a lot faster than you can. And faster than most devices in this category for that matter. That is why I think it is one of the best coin sorters in this price range.


Coin sorters are incredibly useful whether you use it at home or at your place of business. It will make your job easier, and I bet you can find some other more important things to do in the time it would take you to sort and count your coins by hand. I am sure that one of the products above will satisfy your needs. Click here to buy on Amazon

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